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4th Annual St Urho's Day Mojakka Cook-Off

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Dean Levanen and Brenda Denton, husband and wife, took top honors in both the Lihamojakka and Kalamojakka categories.

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Fred Anderson won a 1st place trophy for his Sausage Mojakka

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Gary and Pat Ekman captured the People's Choice award.
All of the eleven entries at the 4th Annual Saint Urho's Day Mojakka Cook-Off at the Historic Northeastern Hotel in Cloquet were winners. That made it particularly difficult for a team of three judges had to choose the best in three categories. After much deliberation, 1st place trophies were presented to these mojakka chefs (judges' comments in italics):

  • 1st Place Kalamojakka - Olde Timer's Mojakka, Brenda Denton, Duluth, MN. "Sunshine Kalamojakka. Firm, yellow potatoes, hint of vinegar for tartness, butter, all white soup."

  • 1st Place Lihamojakka - Canuck Mojakka, Dean Levanen, Duluth. The same basic recipe that gave Dean the Lihamojakka Trophy in 2004 and 2005. "Flavors of bay and allspice."

  • 1st Place Potluck Mojakka - Fred's Northern Jambalya, Fred Anderson, Cloquet, MN. "Smoked sausage with all the goodies from Grandma's garden. Tasted fresh!"

The People's Choice Award was presented based on voting by those in attendance. Over 100 votes were cast, but the Ekmans' Gary's Lake Trout Kalamojakka won out by only one vote. Stacy Desmond's Crappie Mojakka with spinach, red bell pepper and carrots was second.

Mojakka is largely a matter of personal taste and experience. All of the contestants put some of their own personality into their soup. The participants (in no particular order) were:

    Beef (Lihamojakka)

  • Dean Levanen, Duluth - "Canuck Mojakka"
  • Linda Smith & Keith Bong, Cloquet - "How Grandma Made It"
  • Bernie & Carl Lundberg, Cloquet - "Internet Mojakka"

    Fish (Kalamojakka)

  • Brenda Denton, Duluth - "Olde Timer's Mojakka".
  • Stacy Desmond, Duluth - "It Ain't Crappy If It's Crappie"
  • Gary & Pat Ekman, Esko - "Gary's Lake Trout Kalamojakka"
  • Diane Sargent, Saginaw, MN - "Around-the-World Kalamojakka" with Icelandic cod, Atlantic Salmon, Catfish and Northern Pike.
  • Tom & Angela Hagen, Cloquet - "Mojakka Zing" flavored with curry.
  • Luc Bonk, Cloquet - "Buttery Lake Trout Kalamojakka"
  • Judy Whittington - "Northeastern House Kalamojakka" (not eligible for judging, but captured quite a few People's Choice votes.)

    Potluck (Non-traditional)

  • Fred Anderson, Cloquet - "Sausage Mojakka". Sliced Kielbasa with fresh vegetables.
  • Dennis Lampi, Cloquet - "Mummu's Mojakka". Venison with snow pea pods.

Friends of Animals The Friends of Animals Humane Society of Carlton County, Inc., and their animal shelter in Cloquet were the beneficiaries of this event. About $700 was raised for the charity.

Winners were awarded trophies created and donated by All-Star Awards of Cloquet. Other contributors included:

- Posters. Northern Printery, Cloquet
- Door prizes. Bergquist Imports; Perkins of Cloquet.
- Milk & butter. Franklin Foods, Duluth.
- Location for the Cook-off, bowls, spoons, bread, etc. Bert & Judy Whittington, Northeastern Hotel, Cloquet.
- Promotion. Tim Winker, Wink Timber Media Agency
- and

Mojakka Judges:

  • Connie Wirta, features editor, Duluth News-Tribune
  • Ed Jaakola
  • Rep. Mary Murphy

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