Mojakka (MOY-a-kah)
Saint Urho
Patron Saint
of Finland

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Saint Urho's Day Mojakka Cook-OffTM

There is only one official Mojakka Cook-Off and it is organized by Tim Winker of the Wink Timber Media Agency.

Entry information and rules

Entry forms and rules for the 2010 Mojakka Cook-Off are available by clicking on the links below.

2010 Mojakka Cook-Off requirements.

Download 2010 Mojakka Cook-Off Entry Form and requirements.
(Acrobat Reader required to view this file.)

Past years' results, photos and stories

Winners of the 2003 Mojakka Cook-Off

Winners of the 1ST St. Urho's Day Mojakka Cook-Off: (L to R) Tim Winker, organizer; Larry & Judy Johnson; Ed Jaakola; Judy Whittington, co-proprietor of the Northeastern Hotel & Saloon.

2008 Mojakka Cook-Off.

2007 Mojakka Cook-Off.

2006 Mojakka Cook-Off.

2005 Mojakka Cook-Off

2004 Mojakka Cook-Off

2003 Mojakka Cook-Off

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