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Michigan (Da Yoo-Pee)

  • Feedmill Cafe - Tapiola, MI
    Serves kalamojakka!
  • Kaleva Cafe - Hancock, MI
    Re-opened in 2006.
  • Suomi Bakery & Restaurant - Houghton, MI
    Serving Pannukaku and Nisu French Toast on the breakfast menu. Most food groupings on the menu are written in Finnish.
  • Mariner North - Copper Harbor, MI
    Serves a Fish Chowder that could easily be called "kalamojakka".


  • Milda's Cafe, 1720 Glenwood Ave, Minneapolis, MN. Donna Trebesch writes:
    "It is a cafe of Finnish heritage, pasties were available the last time I was there. EVERYTHING they serve is GOOD!"
  • Finnish Bistro - 2264 Como Avenue, St. Paul, MN.
    Run by Soile Anderson. Phone 651-645-9181.
  • Family Tradition - MN Hwy 33 North, Cloquet, MN
    Tuesday Special: Mojakka and a coney dog
  • The Cottage House - Menahga, MN


Northern Ontario

  • Hoito Restaurant - Bay Street, Thunder Bay, Ontario
    Cathy S. of Thunder Bay writes:
         Thunder Bay boasts the largest population of Finnish people, next to Finland, apparently. There is a restaurant called the Hoito, located on Bay Street, which, literally, every single person living within a 400 mile radius pretty much knows about, or has experienced the wonderful food they serve. It is an icon in Thunder Bay, expecially their Mojakka and Finnish pancakes. On weekends, there is generally always a lineup to get a seat, and everyone has no qualms with waiting it out.
         Add us to your list of Mojakka locations, because it's really a big deal over here!!
         Everyone, come on down here sometime, Thunder Bay would love to have you over... summer and fall are breathtaking and you can 'test' our Finnish cuisine while you're visiting."
  • Scandinavian Home Restaurant - Thunder Bay, ON
  • Silver Islet General Store and Tea Room
    - Sibley Peninsula east of Thunder Bay
    Open weekends from mid-May thru mid-October, Open daily (except Wed.) in July and August.
  • A Taste of Scandia, Queen St E, Sault Ste Marie, ON.
    Telephone: 705 / 254-5444.
    Owner: Tuula Valkonen
    Ken Piirtoniemi of Sault Ste Marie writes:
          "Her place is a combination bakery and restaurant which is very, very popular here in the Sault with everyone, and she offers an incredible lunch which will fill you up with great food and dessert. Mojakka is one of her lunch specialties. If you're interested in baking, you'd better be early!
         "She has offered special supper sittings on Friday evenings in the past specializing in the cuisine of Finland, Sweden, Norway, Denmark - each country separately. Currently, she has rented the Union Hall for an evening in February where she is selling tickets for evening supper and half of each $20 ticket goes directly as a donation toward a hospice that is in the works locally. She is definitely a community- minded person who contributes more than her share."
  • Leinala's Bakery & Scandinavian Foods - Sudbury, ON

Do you know a restaurant that serves Finnish specialties?

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